We offer a comprehensive and structured social activities programme, which is run by dedicated staff.

We also regularly enjoy visitors from the local community, who further enhance our programme with their various interests and activities.

We host outings to restaurants, cafes, garden centres and the sea side as well as the theatre.

We recognise that activities need to be tailored to suit the individual’s ability and have therefore designed the programme around this.

Residents can participate as much as they would like to, If you prefer to just relax and rest, that is fine too.

Individuals suffering from dementia are especially catered for within our activities programme. Summerhayes is committed to improving the quality of life for these individuals by encouraging regular sessions including memory games, singing, painting, colouring and creating scrapbooks.

We ask relatives to assist us by filling in a life questionnaire on behalf of every resident and to provide us with photos if possible so that we can fully understand each individual’s life history.

We have a visiting hairdresser, chiropodist, aromatherapist and optician for those who require it. These services incur additional costs at the providers’ rates.

We are able to arrange an escort and transport service for residents needing to attend GP, hospital or dental appointments if required. Travelling costs and an escort fee are charged for this service.

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